OpenStreetMap Ghana Outreach at Badariya Academy

As part of the OpenStreetMap internship, a team visited Badariya Academy in the Zongo community of Oduman, Accra, to educate students on mapping skills. The primary objective was to initiate the students into the world of OpenStreetMap and emphasize the importance of mapping in community development.


1. Introduction by Mr. James Amattey:

Mr. Amattey provided an insightful introduction to maps and their significance. Emphasized the role of OpenStreetMap, introducing Open Source Technology, the use of maps and some importance of maps to our communities. Facilitated an engaging Question and Answer session to encourage participation and employed interactive teaching methods by asking the students questions on maps and satellite imagery.

2. Practical Mapping Experience:

Despite limited resources (only two laptops), all students were allowed to experience mapping. The hands-on session aimed to enhance practical mapping skills among the students. This gave all the students a wonderful experience on mapping using ID Editor. Students were asked to volunteer and share their experiences and their learnings from the practical session. Appreciation was shown by gifting those who actively participated and shared their experiences.

Talk By Miss Vicentia Amoako

Miss Vicentia Amoako, an intern member of OpenStreetMapGhana gave a talk to the students of Badariya Academy, telling them how they can use OpenStreetMap to develop and solve real-world problems. Also, she emphasized the significant impact that women can make through mapping. Encouraged female students to actively participate and contribute to the mapping community.

Group Photo

We Captured memorable moments with a group photo that included teachers and students.

Feedback and Expectations

Teachers expressed gratitude and shared expectations for ongoing collaboration:

  1. Requested more training sessions for students.
  2. Urged for community engagement in both the school and the Oduman Zongo Community.
  3. Expressed interest in internship programs for students.
  4. Welcomed invitations for students to participate in OpenStreetMapGhana events.
  5. Emphasized the critical need for computer distribution to students when the opportunity arises.


The outreach at Badariya Academy successfully introduced students to OpenStreetMap, fostering interest and enthusiasm. The teachers’ feedback provides valuable insights for future initiatives, and OpenStreetMapGhana looks forward to continued collaboration to make a positive impact in the school and the Oduman Zongo community.